Tolu Karunwi


Tolu is a second year Law (with study Abroad in English) student and one of the bloggers of the LINE blog. She has always had a true passion for creativity – specifically in line with Fashion, Interior Décor & Events.

Despite being swamped by various legal texts daily, she always finds time to ease her mind on her own personal blog ( where she expresses her general thoughts on the world around her. She also sees her role as the Law Ball Coordinator for Warwick Law Society as her unborn baby, which she’s grooming carefully before it’s eventual delivery.

For her, Creativity is the greatest gift to man. It is what unleashes a sense of honesty & profundity that should always remain appreciated. She hopes that her future career has Creativity at the heart of it and is working to grow her personal business, ‘ERAYỌ events’ in line with that dream.

Fashion remains an undying passion for her with her wardrobe screaming nothing but COLOUR & various trends. She regards herself to be a ‘kaleidoscopic barbie’ – ever evolving yet ensuring that youthful exuberance is never lost in whatever look she decides upon.

When her creative mindset is switched off, she’s thinking about music, film, her family & most importantly strengthening her relationship with God.

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