Self-care during “spring break”

Now it’s Easter it’s time to get organised, make revision plans and cap down on procrastination. Amongst the chaos of exams and coursework, it’s almost too easy to forget about the importance of taking some time out to check up on yourself and your wellbeing. Quick tips that work for me: Having an exercise/workout routine I personally like morning workouts because they pull me out … Continue reading Self-care during “spring break”

Sartorial Spoonies: Life and style with chronic illness

As a blogger with a chronic illness, I want to use this article to show how Warwick’s own Spoonies live with, but also beyond their illnesses.  Raising awareness and reducing the stigma of chronic illness is so important; it helps to get people diagnosed earlier, and it makes the world a more compassionate, understanding place. It is currently estimated that 15 million people in the UK … Continue reading Sartorial Spoonies: Life and style with chronic illness