Self-care during “spring break”

Now it’s Easter it’s time to get organised, make revision plans and cap down on procrastination. Amongst the chaos of exams and coursework, it’s almost too easy to forget about the importance of taking some time out to check up on yourself and your wellbeing. Quick tips that work for me: Having an exercise/workout routine I personally like morning workouts because they pull me out … Continue reading Self-care during “spring break”

Getting Into Shape: Attempt no. 2018

Alongside an extremely wanted tan, and an unwanted, unplanned ankle injury, a family holiday in Turkey last summer brought with it an excuse to be lazy, as well as four consecutively unfit months. Feeling super out of shape after being unable to work out for so long, when 2018 came knocking I looked it in the eye, making a resolution that had already been both … Continue reading Getting Into Shape: Attempt no. 2018

3 Makeup Trends to try in 2018

Trends aren’t just about the clothes and a striking make up look can be just as effective as an outfit. With the likes of Pat McGrath bringing runway makeup to the mainstream, now is the best time to join the party and start experimenting with your looks. Brands like Fenty Beauty and Juvia’s Place are bringing you some killer colours to incorporate into your routines, … Continue reading 3 Makeup Trends to try in 2018

Hot Yoga: 26 postures, 90 minutes, 40 degrees.

Having five weeks of holidays may sound fun at first, but when three weeks have passed and you feel like you haven’t done anything but procrastinate, it gets quite depressing. To avoid this feeling of uselessness, I decided to try something new, hot yoga. Challenged by a friend, I signed up for 10 consecutive days of classes, in a hot yoga studio in Lisbon, near … Continue reading Hot Yoga: 26 postures, 90 minutes, 40 degrees.

The Sheet Mask Fad

The craze for this Korean beauty must-have has taken over the skin care world. Sheet Masks- beauty’s latest obsession- are changing the skin care game, with celebs and bloggers swearing by these current staples. You’ve no doubt seen the likes of Kim K-W, Emma Stone and Chrissy Teigen all adorning these slightly terrifying (Hannibal Lecter vibes anyone?) K-Beauty products, and with the success of their … Continue reading The Sheet Mask Fad