Stars are in Fashion

And no, I’m not talking about singers or actresses, I’m talking about the shape. They are everywhere; the star print is invading our closets, and we are loving it. Our favourite bloggers and fashionistas are wearing stars from the streets of Milan, Paris and NYC to movie premiers, red carpets and fashions shows.   The celestial print is the new stripe, it is adorning sweaters, … Continue reading Stars are in Fashion

The Moments of New York Fashion Week: Then vs Now

While the Big Apple’s bi-annual event has sometimes been swept under the shadow of Paris and Milan, falling softly and bitter-sweetly below the headlights of the fashion radar, after Tom Ford’s awaited return it is finally regaining the recognition it deserves. Fashion week can be culturally defined as emerging when shows are grouped ‘seasonally’ and supervised by an organisation. The concept was given rise to … Continue reading The Moments of New York Fashion Week: Then vs Now

One’s to watch: A lesson of style from TV favourites

Satiate your procrastinating tendencies with television shows that either bring their audiences appropriately close to the danger we seek, suspense, thrill, or relatable life experiences. Dramas and comedies a-like present their lead characters in wardrobes that put a stamp on their personalities so such characters are almost impossible to forget, and simultaneously admirable. Annalise Keating, How to Get Away with Murder Writer and show creator, … Continue reading One’s to watch: A lesson of style from TV favourites

How To Slay Valentine’s Day

It appears extremely difficult for one to avoid the commercial bombardment which surrounds us in our day-to-day lives. Shop windows are being filled with red love hearts, cuddly teddy bears and all kinds of love-related gifts. For the past two weeks or so, one is being constantly reminded of that looming day: 14th of February, Valentine’s Day. The origins of this day vary. The most … Continue reading How To Slay Valentine’s Day

The End of the F***ing World: Fashionable Psychopaths

Netflix TV shows just seem to keep getting better and better. After the success of the second season of Stranger Things, Netflix decided to spoil its viewers with the brilliant series The End of the F***ing World. The 8-episode series narrates the story of two out of the ordinary 17 year olds. Saying these two are out of the ordinary would be an understatement. James, … Continue reading The End of the F***ing World: Fashionable Psychopaths

Paris Couture Week – The Highlights

Paris Couture Week has just ended and in case you haven’t been following the fashion shows, you’re missing out. No need to panic, though, as we created a rundown of the most eye-catching looks, both on and off the runway. Bella Hadid in Alexandre Vauthier Alexandre Vauthier’s Spring/Summer collection is powerful, brave, and futuristic, and Bella seems to be the perfect girl to rock this … Continue reading Paris Couture Week – The Highlights

The devil wears Zara

Although it may be hard to accept for many of us, the Christmas holidays are finally over. However, we’re here to cheer you up at theunderlined blog! Saying bye to Christmas means saying hello to the post-Christmas sales. Clothing deals dominate after Christmas, as we typically see some of the best sales of the year during this time; often these sales match or even beat Black Friday … Continue reading The devil wears Zara

May The Force Be With You: Sci Fi Fashion

I am the daughter of a software engineer, the nerdiest of nerds, so it isn’t really a surprise that I love all things fantasy and sci-fi. It was actually my dad who inspired this blog post. In anticipation of the release of The Last Jedi– episode VIII in the Star Wars story, fashion powerhouse Rag and Bone did something rather exciting; They collaborated with Lucasfilm … Continue reading May The Force Be With You: Sci Fi Fashion

Nostalgia Fashion

When watching the second season of Stranger Things, I would often forget that the series actually takes place in the 80’s. If it wasn’t for the hairstyles, the phones the size of books and the smoking inside public buildings I would say stranger things’s characters are millennials. From Max’s green Vans, to Joyce’s Reeboks, there isn’t one piece of clothing that I would not wear … Continue reading Nostalgia Fashion