Sartorial Spoonies: Life and style with chronic illness

As a blogger with a chronic illness, I want to use this article to show how Warwick’s own Spoonies live with, but also beyond their illnesses.  Raising awareness and reducing the stigma of chronic illness is so important; it helps to get people diagnosed earlier, and it makes the world a more compassionate, understanding place. It is currently estimated that 15 million people in the UK … Continue reading Sartorial Spoonies: Life and style with chronic illness

The Sheet Mask Fad

The craze for this Korean beauty must-have has taken over the skin care world. Sheet Masks- beauty’s latest obsession- are changing the skin care game, with celebs and bloggers swearing by these current staples. You’ve no doubt seen the likes of Kim K-W, Emma Stone and Chrissy Teigen all adorning these slightly terrifying (Hannibal Lecter vibes anyone?) K-Beauty products, and with the success of their … Continue reading The Sheet Mask Fad

Skincare favourites – Winter edition

Guest contributor Yasmin Din gives us some tips and tricks on how to keep our skin healthy during the harsh, cold winter months by introducing us to her favourite products. With the coldest time of year approaching, keeping your skin looking smooth and healthy becomes all the more important, especially for those of us who are prone to acne or scarring. When dealing with mixed … Continue reading Skincare favourites – Winter edition