Mariam Amini


Mariam is a third year English Literature and Creative Writing student, currently on a year abroad in Berlin. Alongside a slightly worrying shopping addiction, she loves chips, Netflix and velvet. A surrendered insomniac, she often reads till the early hours of the morning, and her most inspired time to write is after midnight.

Born and raised in London alongside a Middle Eastern heritage, she is fascinated by the beauty of diversity, and strives to express and appreciate this in her writing. She is extremely interested in the power of fashion and art, and how it can be used to shape identity and measure time in an ever-changing society.

She hopes to satisfy her love of world history and culture by sticking to her ever-growing bucket list, and aims to visit at least every continent once before the age of 30. Remembering how she used to fall asleep listening to her parents’ childhood stories, she dreams of one day visiting and seeing Afghanistan for herself, and prays for an end to all world conflict.

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