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Let’s Tackle: Smart Casual

The term ‘summer’ comes hand in hand with the just as exciting term of ‘parties’. Can we even say we’ve had a proper summer without a few cocktail evenings or barbecues in the back yard? There is an obvious shift in people’s attitudes when summer approaches, not only due to the increase in temperature (thank you England – you’ve treated us well this year) but … Continue reading Let’s Tackle: Smart Casual

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Met Gala 2018

The Met Gala is one of the biggest events on New York’s social calendar, attracting the biggest names in the fashion industry along with stars from all around the world. The Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art organises this fundraising event to raise money as well as celebrate the opening of its latest exhibition. The exclusive guest list joins the most acclaimed … Continue reading Met Gala 2018

Working at the Fashion & Textiles Museum: The Typology of the T shirt

Working at the Fashion & Textiles Museum: The Typology of the T shirt Being privy to such a unique and appealing exhibition has been an eye opening experience to the power, timelessness and social relevance pf fashion as a concept; every pin, needle, thread, garment and fabric is almost miraculously transformed from a literally unwritten slate to a product with very little remnant of its … Continue reading Working at the Fashion & Textiles Museum: The Typology of the T shirt

Friends inspired outfits

I have lately been binge-watching Friends on Netflix, and during my second time around re-watching this timeless sitcom, I have noticed Rachel and Monica’s wardrobes and am obsessed. Their outfits were not only incredibly stylish back then, they are making a comeback in today’s fashion. The high-waisted pants, mom jeans, oversized sweatshirts, dungarees and even oval glasses: staples of 90’s fashion which are increasing in … Continue reading Friends inspired outfits

March Looks for Less

With the awkward transition from winter to spring, outfit inspiration does not come easily. Street style looks from our favourite stars or fashion icons are foolproof in doing the job, yet carry a far less desirable price tag. So I give you the top 3 ‘looks for less’, suited to a variety of styles and occasions, allowing you to steal her style. Look 1: Despite … Continue reading March Looks for Less

This year’s Oscar Favourites

Oscar season might simply be my favourite time of the year. Yes, maybe even more than Christmas and summer. The fact that this time of the year happens to be filled with Juggling essay deadlines, and early wake-up calls might discourage many people from staying up late at night watching the emblematic Oscar award show, but I wouldn’t miss it for anything. I am a … Continue reading This year’s Oscar Favourites

A Love/Hate Relationship with my Wardrobe

Every year, when I move back home after the last semester of university, I go on a spring cleaning frenzy. After essentially living out of two houses and two sets of storage space, I bring all of my clothes back together, into the wardrobes and dressers they all originated from. And every year, I’m always hit by the sudden realization that I don’t have enough … Continue reading A Love/Hate Relationship with my Wardrobe

The Sneaker Era

Sneakers are a definite must-have in anyone’s closet. They have completely transformed street style in the best way possible as they are the perfect combination of both comfort and trendiness! What else can you ask for? You no longer have to suffer while wearing stiletto high heels or uncomfortable classic shoes just to look fashionable; wearing a simple pair of trainers will do the job. … Continue reading The Sneaker Era

Best Dressed at MFW Fall 2018

Italy is the cradle of art and fashion, the city where the greatest designers and the most influential fashionistas were born in! Thus, Milan Fashion Week has to be one of the most important events in our agendas. If there is something we love more than Italian designers and their eccentric and glamorous runway shows, it’s the people attending them and their unique taste on … Continue reading Best Dressed at MFW Fall 2018