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Taking on Northern Italy

With its compilation of picturesque towns, ancient cities and charming culture, it is arguably impossible to do the entire country of Italy justice on just one trip. Hence why, upon finding an extremely affordable Wowcher deal to Milan, I decided there was no excuse not to give Italy a second visit. I called up a specific friend for the exact reason that I knew she … Continue reading Taking on Northern Italy

Spring Cleaning Tip No1: Stop Spring Cleaning

“Buy me, buy me!” “Half off?!” “I’m on sale too!” “I would look so good with that black velvet top you wear everywhere!” “If you’re getting that bag, then you might as well get those matching shoes!” “Treat yo self!” All the memories come flooding back as I stare down my wardrobe, its open doors beckoning me to return to countless scenes of the same … Continue reading Spring Cleaning Tip No1: Stop Spring Cleaning

LFW ’17 Highlights

London Fashion Week Highlights As the dust settles on the streets of London following the commotion of another successful London Fashion Week, and the stiletto-wearing It girls and fashionistas head to Milan for their next fashion fix, it only seems fitting to reflect on the highlights of the past week. The Hadids- Versace Twinning A particular highlight for me was witnessing a double dose of … Continue reading LFW ’17 Highlights

Valentine’s day: Love? Actually…

I’d hate to be labeled as unromantic because I personally consider myself to be quite the opposite, but Valentine’s Day has to be one of the most comercialised dates of the year. Starting with Jewelry shops, restaurants, and finishing with the smallest details involving greeting card manufacturers. After Christmas, Valentine’s Day has been shaped and made into the most lucrative moment of the year. It … Continue reading Valentine’s day: Love? Actually…

The Underlined Blog’s Guide to Leamington Spa

Whether you live on campus or in Coventry, Leamington is only a stones throw away. Here is The Underlined Blog’s guide to some of the best places to go in the town. Live in Leamington already? You might discover somewhere new to explore. The Green Space Walk down The Parade, and opposite the Pump Rooms you will spot the gates of Jephson Gardens, which came … Continue reading The Underlined Blog’s Guide to Leamington Spa

How to decorate your room at University

Moving away from home can be hard. The effort and energy it takes to basically move your whole life to a different city is one that’s unmatched by anything because it triggers not only physical exhaustion but emotional exhaustion as well! The best way to deal with this in my opinion, is to simply brand your name over your new living space and forcefully make … Continue reading How to decorate your room at University

What You Should be Watching: The Get Down

To start the year off on a fresh and groovy beginning, the TV show that I recommend you watch this month is definitely The Get Down. This Netflix series is a brand new kind of show. I was honestly so bored of the vampires, doctors, detective and lawyers’ stories chosen by every producers nowadays. The Get Down, however, is short (6 episodes), addictive and on top … Continue reading What You Should be Watching: The Get Down

Embracing Winter: Makeup Favourites

Unless this time of the year falls around your birthday, the first months are never the prettiest. With Trump’s inauguration and Britain’s terrible weather to match it… However, it doesn’t mean we have to reflect this. There are many things you can do to make you beat the winter blues, and for those of you (like me) who use the excuse of it being too cold … Continue reading Embracing Winter: Makeup Favourites