Bertille Duthoit



Bertille is a third Year Film and Literature student. She was raised in Paris and went to live in London at the age of 12. Being French in a British environment gave her a broader view not only on Fashion but also on arts in general. Her passion for cinema and books is a key to her interest in finding how the world has developed since then and nowadays. Indeed, her excitement to discover new cultures and ways of living is really strong and is testified by her love for travel anywhere she can. She tries her best to stay open-minded about all the subjects she comes across in order to find new interests that she could share in this blog. She believes that creativity can be found anywhere and in anyone and wants to expose it as much as she can.

Her dream as a child was to become the new Jamie Oliver, she was in awe of the film Ratatouille and since then keeps cooking in order to find new recipes. For her, writing and sharing ideas is the key to a world of change and development and must be more relevant in our society. That is why she believes in new platforms of information such as blogs that seek a younger audience and target our generation.

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