This season’s wardrobe must-haves

Even if you’re not one to embrace seasonal staple trends, we doubt most women would say no to most of this season’s wide-ranging must-haves: from high waisted mom jeans to classic beret’s that you’ll be able to combine with any outfit. Here are some of theunderlined blog’s favourite ‘season essentials’ to avoid the famous yet dreaded “I-have-nothing-to-wear-I-hate-everything” moment in the morning.   light-wash mom jeans  … Continue reading This season’s wardrobe must-haves

The devil wears Zara

Although it may be hard to accept for many of us, the Christmas holidays are finally over. However, we’re here to cheer you up at theunderlined blog! Saying bye to Christmas means saying hello to the post-Christmas sales. Clothing deals dominate after Christmas, as we typically see some of the best sales of the year during this time; often these sales match or even beat Black Friday … Continue reading The devil wears Zara

Winter is here!

Its that time of the year again! If there’s one thing thats good about having to face the cold winter months, its facing them with parkas, trench coats and knitted kimonos. ‘The coat’ is the centrepiece of the winter wardrobe. It’s the item of clothing that we inevitably end up wearing the most throughout the season, and, if you’re just like us at theunderlined blog, … Continue reading Winter is here!

What will you be wearing to the beach this summer?

Saying goodbye to the cold winter months and hello to the warm summer days only means one thing in my book, and that is: bikini season. These are some of the hottest trends that will be making bold statements throughout the whole summer! Have a read and get beach-ready. Tassels While I’m not entirely convinced of the practicality of them, when it comes to swimwear, tassels will … Continue reading What will you be wearing to the beach this summer?

Valentine’s day: Love? Actually…

I’d hate to be labeled as unromantic because I personally consider myself to be quite the opposite, but Valentine’s Day has to be one of the most comercialised dates of the year. Starting with Jewelry shops, restaurants, and finishing with the smallest details involving greeting card manufacturers. After Christmas, Valentine’s Day has been shaped and made into the most lucrative moment of the year. It … Continue reading Valentine’s day: Love? Actually…

Fall and winter IT trends

  We’re hot off one of the most important events in the fashion world and Industry, that’s right you guessed it… Fashion week! What better way to end it then by commenting on this seasons ‘it’ trends presented in some of the most cosmopolitan and iconic cities; New York, Milan, Paris and London. This year’s Fashion Week runway shows where filled with thousands of chic … Continue reading Fall and winter IT trends