The New Fashion Resolutions

2020 is finally ending, and it has been a complicated time for everyone. The unexpected amount of alone time this year has given us the opportunity to think about many things. Seeing the entire world feeling sick and unwell led me to reflect on my own actions, decisions and habits. What have I done in the past months or years that has helped the world become a better place ? What have I done for myself that has made this time even a bit more confortable and safe ? What are things that I am conscious of and that I am able to improve but am actually to lazy to realise ? 

As a to-do-list and fashion lover, I have concocted for you a list of the 3 ultimate fashion resolutions that we could all work on for the new year 2021. 

  1. Persuade yourself that you are legitimate to wear whatever you feel like wearing 

Some of you, and myself first, might have already had this feeling of not being “legitimate” when you wear a certain style. In the era of social media, we tend to get our fashion inspirations from lots of different platforms with lots of different aesthetics. This exposes us to diverse styles and fashion senses and it may confuse us in our journey to understand what our own aesthetic is. 

Picture the scene : you wake up and feel like wearing a statement outfit, completely out of your comfort zone. You put it on and it makes you look good, even powerful. You step a foot outside, and by the time you’re crossing the street, you feel like everyone is looking at you and judging you because you’re not dressed like you’re used to. You start to believe that you’re not legitimate to wear this outfit because it’s not your everyday style, and might even start to feel like you’re wearing a costume. 

2021 is the time to realise that this feeling is only a reflection of your own overthinking. If you believe an outfit, as “out-there” as it might seem, makes you beautiful, then it does. You are allowed to change your aesthetic and you are legitimate to change up your style everyday if you want it. Fashion is here to let you experiment, so have fun with it, confidence is the best accessory ! 

  1. Invest your money on things that you actually desire 

As a student, it is sometimes difficult to treat yourself as much as you used to when you lived at home. Most of your money might “magically” disappear into food, drinks, and everyday essentials that you didn’t realise you actually had to pay for in the real world. Therefore, when you want to treat yourself and buy “unnecessary” products (such as clothes), you start settling for smaller articles that you don’t actually desire, because your budget is limited. The need for the shopping thrill gets to you : buying something for yourself feels good and even comforting sometimes. However, this will never be fulfilling, because you are only settling. Instead, saving your money little by little to purchase the article that you truly desire will bring you a much more lasting satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. So in 2021, save, invest, and treat yourself for real, you deserve it ! 

  1. Start shopping more consciously 

When you love fashion, it’s easier to focus on the style and aesthetic of the products that you buy and to turn a blind eye on the production conditions of the brands you love. Doing your research may seem like a burden, but it’s essential if you’re willing to support the industry’s sustainability. In fact, it’s not even that hard : so many articles online sum up conscious brands that are respectful of the environment, their workers… Check out these articles for example : 

Shopping consciously does not only help the industry become a better place, but it will also limit your personal impact on poor working conditions, global warming, child labour… while expanding your support of smaller brands, quality products and good work ethics. In 2021, challenge yourself with your consumption and get on the sustainability train ! 

If these resolutions were already on your 2020 agenda, congratulations ! I hope the journey has felt fulfilling and that you’ll keep on your good habits ! 

PS : Don’t forget that new year resolutions should not be something to feel pressured about, these are goals that can take a long time to achieve. Chose your battles, not everyone wants to prioritise the same problems they want to work on. The important thing about setting goals is not getting to them in the least amount of time, but rather the way in which you work towards them. 

You can be your own best friend and worst enemy, so for 2021, don’t forget to put your best friend mode on : reassure yourself that you are doing well and celebrate even your tiniest victories ! 

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