What will you be wearing to the beach this summer?

Saying goodbye to the cold winter months and hello to the warm summer days only means one thing in my book, and that is: bikini season.

These are some of the hottest trends that will be making bold statements throughout the whole summer! Have a read and get beach-ready.

  1. Tassels


While I’m not entirely convinced of the practicality of them, when it comes to swimwear, tassels will adorn a wide variety of suits this season. Big or small, monochrome or multicolored, you name it!

2.  One shoulder 


The main thing I have to say about these is: caution! With asymmetrical shapes come asymmetrical tan lines… and nobody wants those.

3.  Plunging one pieces 


How low can it go? Thats the question many swimwear designers have been asking themselves while creating these deep V-cut cleavages.

4.  Wedding White


While bright colours and patterns will always be present in ay swimsuit collection, nothing shouts summer like stark white shades. For those of you who have no problem with getting your tan going, I strongly recommend these pieces as they will inevitably make your olive colour POP!

5. Halter tops


Halter it up this summer! With this trend you definitely won’t have to worry about possible slip outs…

6.  Crochet-mania


We will be seeing a whole lot of this, especially during the festival season. Crochet will be the perfect combination of modern with a boho twist.

This summer enjoy and get your fair dose of Vitamin C with style!


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