All the Beautiful Places I Must See…

“There’s a great big hunk of world down there with no fence around it” ~ The Lady

Okay fair enough, there are actual ‘borders’ where immigration and all that conundrum forces us all to go through the appropriate protocol to travel. But what if those restraints were non-existent? To travel is truly to live! It’s a blessing to experience new worlds and find yourself lost and immersed within new terrain. I am a sucker for travel and so you don’t have to ask me twice about what my Wanderlist looks like – it’s been constantly re-shaped and elongated in my head! Here are a few key places I would LOVE to go to someday:

  1. New York, United States of America


Okay, so this may not sound overly exciting but for me, it has been at the top of my list for AGES. I want to experience that concrete jungle for myself. Living in Lagos in my home country Nigeria for 7+ years showed me what it meant to experience a sense of hustle & bustle that I know for a fact is part of the everyday life in New York and it’s something I miss so dearly and would love to experience elsewhere. That air of opportunity and diversity that’s so thick you can  breathe it. What’s even better is that some of my favourite shows were all set in the city! From Gossip Girl to Friends, there is no way I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to have lunch on the MET steps and pretend I reigned supreme as Queen T. Would someone buy me a ticket already?


  1. Accra, Ghana


So though where I’m from (Nigeria) and Ghana are basically next door neighbours, I have never personally visited Ghana and it’s still a shock to me considering my sister actually went to school there for 6 years! Ghana is absolutely beautiful. The people, the food, the music, the vibes – everything looks like the perfect landscape for some well-deserved African enjoyment. It also has a rich history which as an avid historian would greatly interest me. Ghana, I’m ready to be your ever-excited ‘oburoni’ (foreigner).


  1. Norway


Not what you were expecting huh? Well I’m a sucker for breathtaking views and what better place to go to than one of the many beautiful homes of the Aurora Borealis, in other words the Northern Lights. Apart from being known to have one of the highest qualities of life, Norway simply seems like a place I would have a lot of fun watching movies snuggled under warm covers or exploring winter activities that I’ve always shied away from due to my disdain for the cold. But I’m ready to put myself out there and brave that cold.


4. Antigua


So fun fact – I’m ¼ Antiguan! So what better place to wish to go to than somewhere I’m actually connected to! Plus it doesn’t hurt that it is so BEAUTIFUL! From the blue waters to the white sands – this place is simply paradise. I have always wanted to visit somewhere in the Caribbean because their culture reminds me so much of mine yet is so different at the same time. Antigua is the final pick and I can straddle across islands from there I guess 😉


  1. Israel



I’ve seen so many people go on pilgrimages and witness first-hand the historical landmarks that bring my faith to life. This is definitely on my bucket list. I want to see for myself all the places that have a 2000 old history tag attached to it because it will be the ultimate history lesson and form of appreciation for me.
So those are simply a few of my must-see places. All I need is some unlimited funds, a visa that lets me go anywhere and a camera. Donations are greatly welcomed.


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