The journey to Personal Style

Personal Style can be tricky. It is often hard to create something unique in a world where we are constantly bombarded with the latest trends and the influential voices of prolific social media presences. With the help of sites like Pinterest and Instagram, it isn’t hard to create an idea of the style you want to personify. I for one am guilty of endlessly pinning images found from various bloggers or Instagram feeds into boards titled something along the lines of ‘My Style’. Except, if these pictures are of somebody else, is it really my style I’m looking at?

I’m not saying that we can’t look at these people and not be inspired, or even try to emulate their style, I’m saying that we should stop it there- that we shouldn’t try to recreate anything past that. More often than not, I find myself lusting after the clothes that people are wearing but also after the lives their perfect Instagram feeds are depicting. It’s gone beyond being inspired by their sense of style and is now wanting to swap my life completely for theirs. Personal Style doesn’t seem to stop at clothes anymore, it’s about the hair, the body shape, the face- everything. It would appear that the ‘personal’ aspect of Personal Style is getting lost. The uniqueness of the individual is getting lost in the quest to achieve what inspires them.

When curating your personal style, it’s important to remember that you’re creating it for yourself. It’s all very well following and wearing the latest trends but if you’re not comfortable in them, then what’s the point? Yes you may be within the ranks of the popular bloggers, but if you’re not feeling as great as you think you look then what are you getting out of it? By all means, follow the trends- I certainly do- but make them your own and make sure that you follow them for you and not for anyone else. Trends are so adaptable these days, so it’s easy to work with something to make it fit with your own style and wardrobe. And if you do want to recreate a look you’ve seen somewhere else, stitch for stitch, then do it with the image of yourself in the outfit in mind, not the person that you’ve taken inspiration from.

Art and artists constantly take inspiration from and are inspired by others, its the way art moves forward and is reinvented but perhaps what brings success to a piece is the touch of the individual. If you recreate an outfit and decide it needs a different pair of shoes or more accessories then you are implementing a new lease of life into the look, one that is driven by your own decisions and artistic vision. We all think differently, so it doesn’t matter if you share the exact same style as someone else because everyone will always be individual; nothing can be copied completely because none of us are the same. At the core of personal style is yourself, which is something that needs to be remembered in the world of fast fashion. Wear what ever you want and what makes you feel confident, but remember it’s not just about the clothes you’re in, it’s about you in the clothes.


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