La La Land’s wardrobe design

Yes, another article about La La Land. No, not about the awkward moment when they thought they had won the Oscar for Best Picture. Love it or hate it, there is one thing you cannot deny, La La Land’s wardrobe is great. You may not like musicals, you may not like Emma Stone, you may even hate Ryan Gosling (is that even possible?) but the one thing you cannot dislike in this movie is the costume design.

From the everyday outfits Mia (Emma Stone) wears to work to the beautiful dresses she wears when going out on dates with Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) , there’s not one I personally didn’t like and want for myself. The whole movie is filled with bright colors, not only in the clothes the actors are wearing but also on almost every set decoration.

Image result for la la lands wardrobe
When you win the Oscar for best actress and all your friends are there to support you.

The woman behind this beautiful wardrobe is Mary Zophres. She also designed the costumes for movies like Interstellar, Catch me if you can and The Big Lebowski. Zophres’ idea behind the clothes she designed was that she wanted to make them look affordable. And wow, she did it. That is what I liked about the character’s clothes: they were simple. “We did have to make these dresses but I didn’t want to make them fancy. The green dress, for instance, we made it, but in my mind, I’m like ‘okay, she could’ve bought it in a vintage store’”- the designer told Entertainment Weekly.

Image result for la la lands wardrobe
Blue and yellow perfect combo. And Ryan Gosling makes it look even cuter.

Mary Zophres manages to harmonise class with simplicity. The inspiration for the clothes worn in the movie originates from classic Hollywood movies, such as West Side Story and Singin’ in the Rain. We can see there is a poster on Mia’s room with Ingrid Bergman’s iconic face. The designer tells Vanity Fair that during her search for inspiration she stumbled upon a video of Bergman’s test camera for a movie. She fell in love with the dress the actress was wearing. Eventually they found a similar dress in Los Angeles rental house Palace costumes and added it to Mia’s wardrobe.

It’s important not to forget that what makes a good movie is not just the plot and the actors. Details, from set decoration to soundtrack, and wardrobe, play an important role when it comes to creating a good movie. And Damien Chazelle’s La la Land, despite the contrasting opinions on the movie as a whole, is a great movie to watch if you’re in need of some inspiration for cute, classy summer outfits!

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