LFW ’17 Highlights

London Fashion Week Highlights

As the dust settles on the streets of London following the commotion of another successful London Fashion Week, and the stiletto-wearing It girls and fashionistas head to Milan for their next fashion fix, it only seems fitting to reflect on the highlights of the past week.

The Hadids- Versace Twinning

A particular highlight for me was witnessing a double dose of Hadid at Versus Versace’s AW17 show. Whilst I am always torn choosing between which Hadid I prefer and which has become more influential in the high fashion world, on this occasion I didn’t have to choose. The event became a family affair as the sisters took to the Runway in Versus Versace’s punky AW17 show that took place in an industrial style setting. The show was centred around dark fabrics such as leather, and used neon colours for embellishment. The Hadids were dressed in all black ensembles; Gigi, who opened the show, was dressed in a little black dress, whilst Bella was in a fur jumper and leather skirt. Both outfits were paired with statement earrings, fringes and textured hair and heavy eyeliner to complement the punk look. This was such an enjoyable moment of LFW because amidst the glitz and the glamour of the industry, we got to witness the formation of an endearing memory between siblings that we can all relate to.

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 12.41.39.png 

 Simone Rocha’s Ageless Beauty

Another iconic moment was found in Simone Rocha’s show that defied ageist beauty standards, through her choice of older models, to demonstrate the timelessness of beauty. The show featured many big modelling names from the 1960s, such as Marie-Sophie Wilson, Benedetta Barzini, and Jan de Villeneuve, in a way that not only paid homage to fashion history, but re-established older models as a norm, rather than using one older woman for a token effect. The five female models aged 47-65 who campaigned outside the event with placards saying ‘too old to walk for LFW’ and ‘fashion has no age limit’ also raised this issue. Fashion much like many other cultural forms has the power to explore socio-political injustices and promote positive change and it was refreshing to see this emerge at LFW. In an industry that is working to overcome out-dated modes of bias, it is refreshing to see as much attention being paid to the issue of ageism, as is body and racial diversity.

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 12.41.46.png


JW Anderson’s Gender Fluidity

My final highlight for this season was J.W Anderson’s androgynous influences in both his menswear, which he began in 2008, and womenswear, which followed later. The designer is renowned for having designs influenced by modern definitions of gender identities and the fluidity between masculine and feminine binaries. We can see this in the oversized tailoring and sharp silhouettes. What is so great about Anderson this season is that, when it comes to colour, he does not limit himself to the grey area between both genders, but rather embraces all colours and patterns regardless of their socially gendered symbolism. He is a pioneer for the positive changes we wish to see in all creative industries by sending the message that all gender identities and the fluidity between masculine and feminine binaries are welcomed. We can see this in the oversized tailoring and sharp silhouettes.

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 12.41.57.png


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