The Sheet Mask Fad

The craze for this Korean beauty must-have has taken over the skin care world. Sheet Masks- beauty’s latest obsession- are changing the skin care game, with celebs and bloggers swearing by these current staples.

You’ve no doubt seen the likes of Kim K-W, Emma Stone and Chrissy Teigen all adorning these slightly terrifying (Hannibal Lecter vibes anyone?) K-Beauty products, and with the success of their introduction into mainstream skin care in 2016, they’re sure to continue to be a hit this year also.

For those wondering, these are unlike your typical face mask for sure. Carefully saturated into these cloth or paper sheets is just the right amount of skin-loving goodness to keep you fresh faced and hydrated. That means no more wasting product by bombarding your skin with more than a generous scooping of your usual mask.

Source: chrissyteigen on Instagram

Like with any type of skin care product, this cult favourite accommodates a range of skin types and problems. Whether you need a burst of hydration or some radiance put back into your face after hours upon hours of library seshing (we’ve all been there), then there’s a mask for you.

Here’s a selection of Sheet Masks at different price points to get you started on your way to skin perfection:

Oh K! Gold Dust Hydrogel Mask from £6.00
STARSKIN SILKMUD Green Tea Clay Anti-Aging Liftaway Mud Face Sheet Mask from £8.50
STARSKIN The Gold Mask VIP Revitalising Luxury Coconut Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Face Mask from £12.50


Lancome Advanced Genifique Mask 6 Pack from £59.00



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