A Mean Girls Inspired Christmas Dress Hunt

Source: Google Images

They may wear pink on Wednesdays, but with Christmas round the corner even the meanest girls will trade their rosy wardrobes for a more festive (and obviously fetch) look!

It may have been 12 years since we first saw them dance around to Jingle Bell Rock on our screens, yet still the classic red and white Santa hats matched with the synchronised red, faux fur and black leather outfits of our favourite mean girls live on. Now, days away from hosting my first ever Christmas Party, I feel like Cady as she desperately attempted to learn the routine and get on board with the expectations of the holiday season.

The tinsel has been hung, the lights are up, and candy canes galore sit in my kitchen, since we all know Glen Coco gets four. Having remembered to bring the Santa hat which I don’t know why I purchased in the first place, all that remains is finding the perfect Christmas-themed outfit.

Using Mean Girls as an initial inspiration but looking further at some of the ensembles circulated over the past few years, I have found that red is a must! Even in the form of an accessory, this bright, bold colour instantly screams Christmas.

The Santa hat in itself has also become an iconic essential that can be paired with an infinite array of outfits. Whether matched with a dress, a classic top and skirt combo, or even a slightly more eccentric bodysuit like the one Miley Cyrus sported in 2013, no one can fight the association with the ultimate Father of Christmas.

Alongside furry cuffs, Miley’s eye-catching choice of earrings inspired me to have a browse for jewellery with Christmas-related designs. Being a personal favourite, I was thrilled to find that ASOS offer a range of wintery themed earrings, such as their Pack of 3 Christmas Santa Baby Earrings and Pack of 2 Christmas Bauble Earrings (shown below), both for only £5. Charming touches to any outfit, the minimal extravagance of the designs mean that they don’t just necessarily have to be saved for a fancy occasion.

Next step and quite possibly the most important: finding the dress. Knowing that I want something red, I began condensing my search criteria. But this still left me unrestricted when it came to style and material, meaning that I had many options. Lace, velvet, frills, two-piece, off the shoulder… all of these choices circulated in my head and on my screen. And while there was nothing about many of them that specifically related to Christmas, they were all potentials.

Inspired by Ariana Grande’s holy-print skirt and bustier from the 2013 Jingle Ball in Minnesota, I kept an extra eye out for items specifically designed with a wintery pattern. However, this was a short search. The best I found was a Mela Red Christmas Tree Print Dress by New Look (shown below). Seeming too casual for a party, however, the snug fit and adjustable length of the dress matched with either leggings or tights and ankle boots would still be perfect for a Christmas meal or Winter Wonderland trip.

Having closed the remainder of the endless tabs straining my laptop screen, the final three contenders stand: a red bandeau overlay scuba mini dress for £25 from Missguided (below, far left), a simpler, frilled, one-shoulder dress from H&M for £14.99 (middle), and a red off the shoulder bodycon dress for £25 from AX Paris.

Not made to excessively stand out, each dress option would allow me to accessorise appropriately with the Christmas theme. While the drape of the upper half of the first dress does enhance the frontal features of the dress, the drop hides the shape of the body in a way that could be unflattering. Similarly, the one-sided element of the middle dress matched with the slightest falter in posture has the potential to look unbalanced when worn. The last offers a solution to both of these worries, hence why the natural inclination to go for it.

So there we have it. A look inspired by a combination of Mean Girls alongside recent media for my first ever attempt at throwing a Christmas Party. Complete with a Santa hat and some bauble earrings, I can only hope it’ll offer the perfect balance of festivity and grace expected of a host.


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