Beauty Undefined

Beauty: No dictionary definition

Just because you think he’s beautiful, doesn’t mean everybody does right? Many times when you find a guy attractive, your best friend doesn’t.

In cliché terms, all I am trying to say is “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

Beauty is also from the perspective of cultures, religions and traditions. Here are some examples of different cultures and what they see as ‘beautiful’.

Long Necks: From the age of six girls of the Pa Dong tribe begin to circle their necks with brass rings. Long necks are a sign of beauty for this tribe.


Blue Tattoo: The ultimate sign of beauty for Maori women is to have full blue lips- they tattoo their lips and chins.

Scars: While scars might be considered unattractive in the west, for Southern Ethopian Karo girls scars are a sign of attractiveness. Since a young age girls cut and create scars on their stomach. Once they have enough scars on their stomach they are considered ready for marriage.

Can you believe scars can help you get a husband? Bigger the better. While parts of the west consider ‘size zero’ as a sign of desirability, in many African countries like Nigeria thinness is pitied and plus sizes are appreciated.

In fact, women are heavily fed from a young age and the more they weigh, the prettier they are considered.

Lip Plate: Beauty can be painful in some cultures. Selective African and Amazonian tribes place plates inside their lip. Gradually they make this hole bigger by increasing the size of the plate and stretching their lip.

Small Feet: While some cultures consider physical scars a sign of beauty, China considers tiny feet as a sign of beauty. Even if that means their bones are broken before binding and they walk with much difficulty. However, due to this being boycotted as “inhumane” by the popular of China during the 20th Century, the country no longer practices this tradition.


As you can see, there is no official definition of ‘beauty’. What is considered beautiful in some cultures is considered painful in others.

However, if these examples don’t show that anybody and everybody is beautiful then nothing can. Beauty is an abstract adjective, so feel creative in your own definition for yourself.



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