Winter Beauty Essentials

Autumn is well and truly out, and the winter chill has hit me like a train. Whilst we’re wrapping up in approximately five million layers and praying for reading week and Mum’s cooking,  perhaps take 5 and invest in these winter staples:

Sanctuary Face Mask

The weather has been a little unpredictable to say the least,  with cold winds, high humidity and ceaseless rain to kick off what is arguably the worst term of the year,  we need to look after ourselves.
More specifically, we need to look after our skin, since it’s being assaulted from all angles every time we even consider stepping outside.
To combat this,  I purchased the Sanctuary Thermo Mask.  I believe it’s clay based,  heats up and cools down whilst on your face and doesn’t have any fragrance.  This is a simple, gentle alternative to peel off masks, which might be more satisfying, but tend to be quite drying, which isn’t what I’m after.
A tube like this costs about £9 from Boots, but they’re often on offer and contain months worth of masks.
It’s super easy to use.  You take a small amount and massage a thin layer across the face,  avoiding your eyes, eyebrows, and lips.  Simply leave to heat, then cool, and sit for 15 minutes.  Unlike many face masks that i’ve tried,  this stuff comes off beautifully.  One wipe of a warm flannel and it’s gone.  Because it’s natural, and not aggressive it’s incredibly gentle on the skin.  Having rinsed and dried my face, I didn’t even need to moisurise.  My skin felt nourished, smooth and not at all irritated, which i often find with similar treatments.  Having said this,  for real, noticeable results,  Sanctuary recommend using this product up to 3 times a week.  I’d rather  stick to once a week or so as a relaxing treat.
DSC_0133 (3)
(Photo courtesy of

Rimmel London Transparent Face Powder.

My Mum got me into this when I was about 12, and it’s the one make up product that has never left my makeup bag.  At £3.99 in most places it’s an absolute steal.  Whether you just sweep a little across your face after moisturising to get rid of any shine,  or you use a little on top of a foundation to mattify your look and keep it in place all day long, you’re good to go.
On nights out it’s great to pad a little on to get rid of any shine, and because it’s colourless, you can dab a little on on the go without any fear of a bridget-jones-blusher moment.
On it’s own over a fresh face,  it evens the skin and mattifies any potential shine.  For a natural look, it’s all you need.  Perfect to give your skin a little break after a winter of heavier products.
Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 15.43.34.png

Samy Curl Cream

This cream really is a curly girl’s dream.  I think it smells like the  orange star bursts, and is a non-crispy curl definer (which believe me, is rare).  I found this one whilst searching online for a peculiar brand that my hairdresser recommended.  I bought this one on a whim for about £6 on Amazon, it was delivered really really quickly and works like a dream.  After washing and conditioning your hair, towel dry until a little more than damp, but not wet.  I take a 50p sized splodge and rub it between my hands before coaxing through the hair with my fingers to separate the curls.  Then for best results, you simply leave it to dry as normal. You can dry it with a hair drier, but you must use a diffuser, otherwise you’ll re-frizz all of your hard work.
Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 15.46.32.png

Boots Natural Collection Waterproof Mascara

This one surprises a lot of people.  At £1.99 a go, it’s super cheap, and readily available at larger Boots stores.  Not only this, but it’s cheap enough to buy a couple, and distribute them between various handbags, so you’re never caught without.
Having used Maybelline, Bourjois, Rimmel and Soap and Glory in the past,  none quite met the mark for me.
On a whim I grabbed the Natural Collection Waterproof mascara and i’ve never looked back.  It coats the lashes evenly and consistently.  It’s quite thin,  so is great for a day look.  But due to a quick drying consistency,  it’s incredibly easy to build up 5 or 6 layers to voluminous, long and thick lashes.
I think it’s the pick of the bunch, and a total steal at £1.99.
Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 15.47.16.png

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