A Much Needed Break in Bali

Beachin’ in Bali: Summer Paradise during the winter break


PS: Note that this article has been written purely based on personal experience 

After backlogs of work and the usual university drama, gossip and shenanigans; you need a break! You need fresh air, a change in atmosphere. So I decided to take a short family vacay for some relaxing!


What better way to relax then at a sunbed on the beach listening to the waves crashing against the shore?

Each day, Bali had something special to offer.


Day One:

When you’re doing some subtle soul searching; walking on a sidewalk filled with dream catchers perfectly fits the picture.


I’m pretty sure Bali has discovered more shades and colours than we know exists! The street was filled with these dream catchers in different shapes, sizes and designs.

The excitement of choosing which one to buy- as dorm décor, home accessories, keychains, paintings, necklaces.


Day Two:

I’m sure during your childhood all you readers have seen High School Musical the movie!

You know the lyrics of the song Fabulous that Sharpay sings;

“A dip in the pool, a trip to the spa
Endless days in my shades
The whole world according to me”

Well, what better way to pamper yourself during the holidays than some champagne at the poolside followed by luxurious spa treatments?

But there’s no need to laze around all day when you can always make time for some chess or some much needed bonding time with my younger brother (especially if it’s at the poolside with a perfect view).


Day Three:12417660_10208475514913188_6369429872990649200_n.jpg

Don’t forget to shop at those cute, little boutiques! Keep your eyes open, you don’t know what unique clothes you might find. My purchases varied from outfits for the beach, for sundown’s and brunches, and a party dress perfectly in time for New Years Eve. I bought styles outside my usual palate and oh boy do I have no regrets! These Island-Cool styles have really grown on me.

Day Four:

Time for some traditional Balinese food!

I was told by almost everybody- “if you’re going to Bali, you have to go to Ku De Ta and Potato Head.”

And must I say, if anybody is going to Bali anytime ever- those two places have to be on your Bali Bucket List.

With Christmas approaching, dinner at Ku De Ta (bearing in mind that I am vegetarian) was beautiful. This restaurant was along the beach. Sitting on a table with candles after sunset, catching up with family while hearing the sea in the background was one of the most moments of this trip yet.

Day Five:

Let the adventure begin! Today the full day was dedicated to scuba diving. Words won’t do justice to the beauty of the ocean- let the pictures do the explaining.

But if you ask me- the best part of the jump was being able to hold that beautiful big starfish.

Day Six:


Christmas Eve- I went for a rather bohemian chic look. New Years was approaching, about time to experiment a new style!

Day Seven:

Learnt the basics of surfing with my brother- for real. Sure I can’t surf the big waves like the girl from the movie Soul Surfer, (If you haven’t watched it yet- I suggest you do. It’s one of my favorite movies) but I sure as hell am one step closer.


Day Eight:

My attempt at artistically photographing the scenic beauty of Bali.


Not as bad as you expected right?

Last Day:

“Cause Bali totally deserved a goodbye kiss”


“Because there’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away” 


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