Autumn Beauty Essentials

The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer, and my skin is getting dryer. I’ve done a little research into the best beauty buys for autumn to keep you looking lovely.Papaya_Gold_PAWPAW_Moisturising_Balm_25g_1392108174

  • Paw-Paw Balm. (Papaya Gold)

This little beauty of Australian descent truly is fantastic. I first heard of this miracle balm from a YouTube video, a model’s sworn by ‘top 10’. When I saw Paw Paw balm available in my local boots at £5.99. I thought I’d give it a go. It’ like a luxurious Vaseline, non-glossy, non tacky, but velvety smooth on the lip. It’s a generous tube, so loads for your lips. But I’ve also been using it on my cuticles, and around my nose when I’ve had a cold to prevent chapping (non shiny is a total blessing in this respect.). I’ve also used it once or twice on my eyelashes before I sleep, just to condition them and keep them in good health.

For £5.99 it’s a handbag staple, it’s compact, it’s got gorgeous packaging and it’s totally multi-use.


  • Tea Tree Cream (At the moment, I use Boots own brand. But Nelson’s is equally good!)

I swear by this little tube, my Mum got me using it at a very early age. It’s a natural antiseptic cream with Tea Tree Oils that works as a formidable blemish fighter. Just dab a small amount on the problem area before bed, and nine times out of ten; it will have disappeared by morning. I just think it’s a skin-kind alternative to all of the synthetic, abrasive skin treatments on the market at the moment. It’s got tonnes of uses, not just blemishes. It’s perfect for coating razor nicks before you stick a plaster on, severely chapped skin (though it will sting!) or even to rub into new piercings to combat any potential infections. It’s good stuff.palmers-coconut-oil-protein-pack

  • Coconut Protein Pack (Palmers)

These little sachets are just over £2. I bought them in the campus pharmacy but they’re readily available through amazon. My hair is dyed blonde, with a natural tendency to frizz, so an autumnal deep condition is a pretty sensible idea. This sachet is very generous; I’ve got thick hair, so it’s one generous use. However if your hair is slightly less thick, you could easily get two uses from this little packet. It’s an almost tacky consistency, and opaque white in colour. Just wash your hair as normal, but replace your conditioner with the protein pack. What I’ve tended to do is wrap my hair in cling film (glamorous, I know) for about 30 minutes, go about my business, and hop back into the shower to rinse it out again. Leaves my hair glossy and smooth, but not weighty or greasy. Since using this pack once a week, my hair can go up to 5 days without washing or even beginning to look greasy, I really do think that this pack is responsible for improving the general health of my hair. It’s good that I even posted a couple home for my Mum. Praise indeed.


  • Nourishing Foot Cream (Neutrogena, Norwegian Formula)

I’m not sure about anyone else, but the soles of my feet get very dry in cool weather, especially now that we’re all wearing totally closed shoes. Fret not. Neutrogena have answered my prayers and produced an amazing foot balm. It smells divine, has a non-tacky texture and is incredibly fast absorbing. I prefer to put lots on before bed, slip a pair of socks on top and remove them in the morning to silky smooth, well-moisturised feet. Even if you don’t suffer from dry skin, this cream will definitely improve the state of skin, even if only to keep the skin supple and soft. Inexpensive and effective, the dream combination.

Newly equipped with this knowledge, I hope you feel compelled to shoot down to Boots and ensure that you’re glowing all autumn long, with plump lips, glossy hair and supple skin, it’s a great foundation for testing out this season’s gorgeous make-up looks.


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