A very fashionable getaway

This summer I took on the fashionable streets of Milan to discover a city uniquely dripping in style, with designers on every corner and equally stylish people to match.

With our wardrobes sufficiently updated with the latest in Italian design we started the right way: hitting up the trendiest designer cafes whilst sipping on our afternoon aperitifs and soaking up the summer vibes. But Milan is so much more than the brands its’ so famously associated with. The sheer beauty of the city explains why so many fashion houses have established themselves in Milan – they draw inspiration from the stunning architecture, the unparalleled art collections and the ethereal history. A real highlight of our visit was seeing DaVinci’s Last Supper in the flesh. Its’ crumbling, fragile state only added to the authenticity of the piece and despite all the considerable wear and tear, DaVinci’s skill still glistened through.

Of course, another huge highlight was seeing the collaboration of food and fashion – my two favourite things! The Armani Nobu was a sumptuous dining experience with Armani’s clean lines perfectly complementing the Japanese palate. Food has never before been so fashionable.

Milan also played host to the World Expo focusing on food and sustainability;  countries from around the world showcasing pavilions to demonstrate their work on improving food distribution and production. South Korea’s pavilion particularly stood out; using technology to demonstrate the need for us to stop food waste was incredibly creative and the multi-sensory experience really drove the message home.

From the fashion houses to the fine dining to the artistic treasures, Milan is an amazing city. Despite a short stay, we are able to fully immerse ourselves in the charms of Milanese culture. I can’t wait to go back!

Roaming Milano
Roaming Milano
Sweet treats at Armani Nobu
Sweet treats at Armani Nobu
Prada the original
Prada the original
Galleria della Moda
how could we not
How could we not
South Korea pavilion
South Korea pavilion
Gucci Cafe



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