In defense of socks

I have an implacable curiosity to investigate the things we do unwittingly, so when I randomly noticed the limited colour palette of my socks inventory, I could not resist wondering why we pay so little attention to them. Yeah I know, at first sight it sounds utterly stupid… but I bet you have never questioned your fashion status quo, starting from the bottom.

A close friend of mine promptly offered some clarity on the transcendental question of why we tend to ignore socks. ‘That is simply because no one sees them, dumbass!’ Irrefutable logic, of course. One might argue that, given their visually insignificant prominence as part of an outfit, there is no reason to put effort into choosing the right pair. At the end of the day, this is just a functional piece of clothing – it keeps you warm and aids foot perspiration. Comfort rather than style should be the priority, right?

Well, the intricacies of socks are more subtle. Socks can serve as a way to showcase your personality, or make you look like a perfect fool by that matter (yes, I am referring to the horrendous socks+sandals trend). The golden rule goes that your socks’ colour should match your trousers. That tends to be a safe rule of thumb as it prevents the risk of obnoxious colour/pattern clashes. However, it inevitably makes our ankles look tremendously monotone.

For the modern gentleman, having a well selected pair of socks shows an impeccable attention to detail. They become more visible when one sits, hence why a smart pick can reinforce a confident pose. For a truly refined and casual look, I would recommend keeping an eye on Joco Piano‘s pipeline, an upcoming brand set to hit the web this summer. These sophisticated aesthetics will not go unnoticed.

With the rise of chunky boots, socks are experiencing a bit of a renaissance. Thick wool socks not only make the experience of wearing a heavy boot slightly more comfortable but they also allow to cuff your trousers and add another layer of colour. Here socks serve as a powerful contrast between boots and trousers. Choose the right pair and you could stay both warm and stylish. In this area, Japanese brand Beams Plus (one of my personal favourites I must confess) offers some masterpieces.

In sports where legs are perfectly visible, the choice of socks can save a dull kit. Especially in basketball, where colourful kits are the rule, patterned ankle-dress socks really make players stand out.

I hope by now choosing socks seems slightly less trivial and that my appeal to stop segregating them is making sense. This is not a call to abuse the limited visibility which they enjoy with flashy and extravagant pieces. Instead, we should stop neglecting this noble accessory as part of a stylish outfit.



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